Single at Christmas? – Lisa Karr – 12/19/23

Single at Christmas? – Lisa Karr – 12/19/23

Christmastime has a great magical atmosphere for large swaths of the population.

However, this holiday season — with its emphasis on children and traditional families — can bring mixed blessings and mixed reactions for people who are single.

Amid that, unmarried folks can create unique perspectives that allow them to fully celebrate the season, as Jesus came to bring Good News to all people. Radio host Lisa Karr joins Family Life’s Bob Price for an important conversation during our Tuesday Noon Report. If you or someone you know is single — or otherwise feeling alone — listen and share this inspiration. If you are involved in a congregation, Karr also has encouragement (and a personal story) about how churches can be attentive to choices that are “singles friendly”, especially at this time of the year.


New York native Lisa Karr hosts the program “Not Just Single“, which can be heard on the air and online on Family Life. Archives of “Not Just Single” are available here. These stories, insights and commentaries can be heard, shared or downloaded from FamilyLife.org.

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