Real Answers – Overcoming Feelings of Loneliness – 1/17/24

Real Answers – Overcoming Feelings of Loneliness – 1/17/24

The “Real Answers” feature on Family Life tackles the tough topics facing Christians.

In this edition, Christian counselor Christopher Anderson talks about how loneliness happens, and how to address those dilemmas.

There are answers like simply reaching out to connect with other people. That does mean that a person will develop ways to “push through” perceived fears or social anxieties. The more often someone initiates those interactions, the easier and more comfortable that process becomes.

To have a daily reminder visible helps — be that a bedside Bible, a devotional book, or something like a poster or some symbol.  Anderson says a mindset of worship and connection with the Lord woven into our daily practices helps to focus us more positively, whatever our circumstances may be.

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