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Christian Athletes in Public Schools – A Family Life Interview – 10/10/23

Christian Athletes in Public Schools – A Family Life Interview – 10/10/23

Starting with an event in Rochester on Wednesday, October 11, many local “huddles” of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in New York and Pennsylvania — and across the nation — will hold a public rally called “Fields of Faith”. These annual spiritual outreaches happen under the lights of a high school football field or at a college soccer stadium.

In this special Family Life feature, you will hear from two Pennsylvania high school seniors preview their “Fields of Faith” events, but also give a broader view of how FCA spreads the gospel on their campuses. There is also discussion of how today’s generation of teens are finding that the Good News of Jesus provides answers and perspectives to the unique needs and internal hungers of young people in the 2020s.

Our guests are Jack Anderson, an FCA leader at Plum High School, and Abbie Johns, who is on the leadership team of FCA at Kiski Area High School.

Greg Gillispie also talks with Tim Florian, a FCA regional staff person in western Pennsylvania. In that part of this conversation, Florian says that (despite what some listeners might presume) many public schools are very welcoming and supportive of a Christian student group which is active — and life-changing — among their students.

Go to fieldsoffaith.com to find a map and schedule of the Fields of Faith rallies in our two states and elsewhere. (Most happen in October, but there are also several November events.) Go to FCA.org for more about the ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Hometown Heroes – more on Ukrainian mission with Jeff Seigworth – 09/26/23

Hometown Heroes – more on Ukrainian mission with Jeff Seigworth – 09/26/23

Family Life’s “Hometown Heroes

This is part 2 of our conversation with Jeff Seigworth about his recent — and upcoming — mission work in western Ukraine.

Today’s segment focuses on how his experiences with people whose nation is at war influenced his own faith — and what he saw about faith and evangelization for the people in the cities and villages he visited.

Seigworth’s first overseas trip ever was his participation with the mission trip created by A-1-8, a mission organization which takes its name from scripture: Acts 1:8, the Biblical mandate to take Jesus’ Gospel to nearby places and to the whole world. A18 had been active in Ukraine multiple years before the current war.

The first part of Mark Webster’s interview of Jeff Seigworth is available here, among all of our “Hometown Heroes” podcasts.


Real Answers – Careening Career Paths & Trade School Options – 08/16/23

Real Answers – Careening Career Paths & Trade School Options – 08/16/23

Real Answers

As students head back to high schools soon, there will be some focus on vocational counseling and college preparation. Christian counselor Christopher Anderson says students would do well to have calm and open guidance from schools — and their loved ones — because it can be a challenge to map out 40 or 50 or 60 years, especially when you are 18 or 16 or 14.

Anderson, a frequent Family Life guest, not only has advice for young people, he also tells how his own life journey meandered through several different vocational chapters. He sees how each stage was all part of a great life to which the Lord had called him.

This week’s “Real Answers” news feature also discusses the costs of college, the number of times student change majors, and why some young people might do well to follow alternate paths or take a sabbatical year after high school. Anderson (based on issues which come to him frequently in his private therapeutic practice) recommends that not every student needs a four-year degree. He says trade schools and on-the-job internships can, for some, lead to a lucrative career and a fulfilling life.


Hometown Heroes – Link Youth Mentorship – Gary Heydens – 07/18/23

Hometown Heroes – Link Youth Mentorship – Gary Heydens – 07/18/23

“Hometown Heroes” on Family Life 

Link Youth Mentorship is a ministry which pairs compassionate, involved adults with young people in the Rochester area.

The program is motivated by a Census statistic that 72% of young people in that city spend at least part of their growing-up years in a single-parent household. While the custodial parents do so much, Link’s vision is that “young men often don’t get the attention and instruction they need to get their best start in life.”

Gary Heydens is the program director there. In this conversation, he talks about the needs and the trends, then shares success stories of what changes are happening in the lives and families of those served through Link Youth Mentorship.

Inside Out – Engaging Generation Z – The “Open” Generation – 03/08/23

Inside Out – Engaging Generation Z – The “Open” Generation – 03/08/23

Good news!

America’s 13- to 17-year-olds are, by and large, hopeful about the future.    …And there are ways the adults in their lives can help them hold onto their optimism.

“Despite the current social climate and current challenges, teens are optimistic and they’re open. They long to see change in our world,” says Ashley Ekmay, a Barna Group research specialist and the author of a blog post on Barna’s “Open Generation” study.

These youngest members of Gen Z, the subject of the Barna study, have navigated some of their formative years during a pandemic and could feel discouraged.

“They’ve lived through a unique experience that no other generation before them has faced,” she acknowledges.

The teens will encounter difficulties that could dampen their optimism. Listen to our eight-minute conversation to hear ways adults can help them remain optimistic, curious, and engaged. “The more teens are invested in and in community with adults in their lives, the more engaged they are with the Bible,” Ekmay says. “Also, the more engaged they are with the Bible, the more likely they are to report they are hopeful and optimistic about the world’s future and that they can make a positive impact on the world.”

Read the Christianity Today’s “The Better Samaritan” blog post that inspired this conversation here: “3 ways to help today’s young people stay Optimistic, Curious and Engaged”

Hometown Heroes – Lydia Rizkallah – 02/14/23

Hometown Heroes – Lydia Rizkallah – 02/14/23

Lydia Rizkallah, a student at Corning-Painted Post High School, chose to be a Christian only about 4 months ago. Despite being new as a disciple of Jesus, she is already spreading her faith. Lydia has already formed a Jesus Club there and is coordinating a large youth rally in her town at the end of February.

On this “Hometown Heroes”, hear about she found that there are many teenagers have a eagerness to find out more about Jesus. School administrators appreciated her enthusiasm for launching an in-school club and encouraged her efforts.  She emailed 300 churches, inviting their congregations and their young people to the February 26 rally.

Lydia also tells how Jesus’ claim on her life transformed her life “in a crazy and exponential way.”  Her awareness of this salvation motivates her to act and tell others about her Lord.


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