Peace & Joy for your Family Gatherings – 12/14/23

Peace & Joy for your Family Gatherings – 12/14/23

Reduce the stress of December’s family gatherings

Millions of families will gather over the next two weeks — and for significant percentage of those, family stresses may weigh down these holiday get-togethers.

We asked the director of counseling at Focus on the Family how people can set the stage to make family events more joyful and peaceful. Geremy Keeton gave us three areas for specific preparation and healthy perspectives.

He encourages individuals and families to set basic expectations and boundaries – avoiding conversations (or worse) which center on current family stresses, political or social debates, or personality conflicts. There are ways that people who disagree – or have strong dilemmas with others who will be there – can tone down the controversies and celebrate common interests and shared experiences.


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